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how to smoke crack

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Day 52 – How to Smoke a Cigar

Day 52 - How to Smoke a Cigar
A lot of people smoke, but only a few enjoy a fine cigar.

There is both an etiquette to smoking a fine cigar as well as a technique. On top of everything else, smoking a cigar – and everything in respect to the cigar – should be done slowly.

First off, cutting vs punching.

Everyone knows what it means to cut a cigar but not everyone knows what a punch is. Unlike cutting the entire end of a cigar, a punch creates a small slit. Personally, how you cut your cigar is much like the sexual history of a woman you choose to marry.

Cutting a cigar is like marrying a whore. You will have greater access right as the flame is lit, less conditioning, and much more enjoyment at first. But as time goes on, your cigar will become messy and it’ll fall apart much quicker.

Punching a cigar is like marrying a virgin. Sure, you will have to work more at first, but after a while it’ll open up for you and before too long, you’ll be able to lean back and enjoy. Also, the cigar will hold together much more cleanly, you won’t be spitting tobacco fragments, and the wrapper won’t pill like it would with cutting.

When smocking a cigar, you can’t just suck on it. It requires technique. First off, you must hold a cigar lightly between your teeth; typically on the corner of your mouth. Where exactly all depends on your teeth. The cigar should set comfortable between your teeth with no strain to the jaw; if you feel a strain in your jaw, you may be biting down too hard.

You will also want to keep the tip wet. This will keep the wrapper from wilting. Also, you will need to gently bite down on the tip; rotating as necessary. This will soften the cigar, allowing the smoke to flow more freely. If the wrapper starts cracking, you’re either biting too hard and/or the tip isn’t wet enough.

Quick note. If you punch your cigar, the rest of the wrapper part of the tip will eventually fall off. Just don’t be quick to peel it off.

The flavor and smell is the best part of enjoying a fine smokeable. Inhaling is never required. In fact, most people can’t handle inhaling. To get the most of the flavor, you will want to practice different types of puffs.

A simple quick puff and release will give an aromatic flavor. The smoke in the air right in front of your face will become thick, which is nice for a while, but can become fairly repressive; especially if you’re smoking indoors. Quick puffs is also beneficial because the flavor remains fresh and less bitter. This will also keep a good flame on the cigar. I like to start out with a lot of quick puffs to start a good flame and to quickly acquire a nice taste in my mouth.

Holding in a puff will give your taste buds a chance to soak in the flavor as well as put a film on the inside of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth. The tobacco will also have a chance to soak into your bloodstream, giving you the calm, relaxing feel only a fine cigar can give a person.

Exhaling in the corner of your mouth with pressure seems to excite the taste buds and spreads out the smoke in the air, allowing the smoke to smell like a perfume rather than a pungent, lingering stench.

If you choose to inhale, only do so in moderation. I like to inhale only after 2 to 3 puffs and I only inhale half a drag while allowing the rest of the smoke to stay in my mouth. If you inhale too much too often, you’re asking for problems; especially if you’re smoking a full bodied cigar.

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getting all suburban

getting all suburban
five years ago, if you’d try to tell me how happy i am to see my garden looking so good, i’d have said you were smoking crack, and i might have even asked for some.

how to smoke crack

Smoke: A Novel (Lydia Strong Novels)
Book Four in the Lydia Strong Series
In the final installment of her Lydia Strong series, bestselling author Lisa Unger, writing as Lisa Miscione, brings us her most shocking and emotionally wrenching case yet. An NYPD detective visits Lydia and her husband, P.I. Jeffrey Mark, to inform them that Lily, one of Lydia’s former writing students, has been missing for more than two weeks. Before she disappeared, Lily had tried to get in touch with Lydia, seeking her help. Could this have had something to do with the death of Lily’s brother, which Lily refused to accept as a suicide? If they want to discover the truth, Lydia and Jeffrey will have to follow the trail that Lily left behind, a trail of evidence that—like Lily herself—seems to disappear like smoke.